Taking a Stand… or not

People can be outrageous …. righteous… and wrong. For the people who are up in arms over Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the flag you should pause and look at yourself.  Mr. Kaepernick, by sitting, is taking a stand.  He is putting himself ‘out there’ because here in America, you can, and you have the right, to do just that.

For all of those people who wish him harm or have harsh ugly words, YOU DON’T GET IT.  He is using his power and success as a platform to stand up for what he believes.  He has said that he loves our country, but he recognizes that we have a systemic problem in the way justice is handed out to parts of our population.  He is honoring what our veterans fought for… he is honoring the First Amendment. Exercising his First Amendment right in this way does not hurt you or our country… it may make you mad, but it is meant to make you think.

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights hurts many more… 11,000 people were killed by guns and 22,000 used guns to take their own lives…. that was last year alone… and yet, we are willing to let that go so that you may walk into a store and walk out with a gun.

Mr. Kaepernick should be treated with thoughtful kindness as he shows the world he will not stand up and salute a country when it’s unwritten attitudes against people of color target them time and again.

On my ride yesterday there were many beer cans left on the side of the road… some of them had American flags on them.  It is a leap, but I would guess that some of the people who are disrespecting our country by littering, drinking and driving, not recycling and throwing something with an American flag on it onto the ground… are people upset with Mr. Kaepernick’s protest… they however, are the ones disrespecting our country and our flag…

If you disagree with him, fine…. you have that right and can say so.  But once you decide to  be ugly and say hateful things about his peaceful protest YOU are the one who is out of line.  Remember that our country was founded and grew because of protests… Protesting is what makes our country evolve… Mr. Kaepernick is teaching us this important lesson… Stand Up For What is Right, Even If You Stand Alone… or in his case, sit…

One thought on “Taking a Stand… or not

  1. That is so funny that you mention litter on the street and correlate it with the lack of patriotism because I use that analogy a lot and people often think it is a strange analogy but I think it is right on and I’m so excited someone else does too. Yes, it’s s leap but it is so true. Also, agree with your comments. Ditto!


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