I’m With Her…

I felt the Bern… I still do… I am a dreamer, an optimist, a liberal, a believer in social justice, a believer in science, and an educator… but I know that only one of two people will be elected in November and Bernie will not be one of them.  So, in the face of disappointment and disillusion, I must make a choice.  I could withhold my vote or vote for someone who has no chance, just to make a point… But, who would really care and who would benefit from that choice?  Donald Trump.

I am not willing to embrace the label of ‘sell out’, or have friends un-friend me, because of my decision… I am willing to put my opinion out there, to perhaps make others, like me, decide that to do anything but vote for Hillary is  a vote for everything I am opposed to.  And that a vote for Hillary is a vote for some of the things I care most about.  I don’t have to like her, or agree with all of her past decisions, to support her as the next president of the United States.  She has never been my favorite – however, after watching the DNC this week, I have changed my mind… I thought her speech was good if not great…she came across sincere and intelligent, she spoke about issues I care deeply about, and I liked her – I really liked her. 😉

Not only did I like HER, I like and respect those people who spoke on her behalf.  Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, and many more spoke eloquently and passionately about her service to our country from the time she was a student up until today.  I went into teaching because I wanted to make a difference – and I believe that she followed the path she is on for that same reason. The same can not be said for her rival.

If you care about and support women’s rights, women’s healthcare, immigrants, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, social security, senior citizens, people with disabilities, education, the rights of unions and workers, environmental issues, LGBTQ rights, gun control, the 99%, an increased minimum wage, respect across the globe and you have a stake in who gets to appoint the next three Supreme Court Justices… then you have only one choice when you vote in November… a choice for anyone but Hillary Clinton shows all those groups that all you care about are your hurt feelings because our ‘revolution’ was not successful.

I know it is more than that… there are plenty of claims that she has done wrong… but I would like you to consider that anyone, ANYONE, in the Senate, or as Secretary of State has to make very difficult decisions – and that both sides of a decision can result in a bad outcome.  It is only in hindsight that we can ever know the effect a decision will have for all involved.  Your first choice in candidates, once in the Oval Office, may have also had to make those difficult decisions with unwanted results.

I believe that she really does care… I believe that she has our best interest in mind and at heart… and I believe she is much better than the alternative.  Love trumps hate…I’m with her!

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