The World Is Ahead of You

No matter you age, place in life, health, financial situation, or attitude… The world awaits you… It is ahead, not behind you… Waiting for your next move.  I’ve learned this slowly over the years… Not to spend too much time looking back.

Of course, there are always certain circumstances when you just have to look back… When someone you love dies, or remembering those special times when your children were little… But they should not consume your thoughts and you certainly should not dwell on the past mistakes of others (or of yourself, for that matter)… Being in the moment is what happiness is all about. ‘Life is a journey-enjoy the ride’, is more than a catchy phrase… When you make a point of looking for something positive, you will be able to find it (even if it is small)… Hold onto that…

I was in this very fancy new L.A. neighborhood the other day and spent some time walking through the model homes.  It would be easy to feel jealousy for those who could afford to buy these homes, but all I felt was joy and appreciation that I was able to walk through and experience the beauty… And also be happy for the people who would, one day, live there… I hope they appreciate the beauty of where they live!  Life is ahead of us all… Just focus on today, what you are experiencing now and in the days ahead…. Remember to look for the joy!

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