Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance… that is the motto of most school districts when it comes to bullying.  But it looks like the Republican party does not have that same policy because the man they are supporting appears to be one of the biggest bullies I have yet to come across.

A bully is someone who demeans others, calls names repeatedly, uses their power to control other people and isn’t a very nice person.  They looks for someones weakness and instead of lifting them up, they mash them down… This man that almost half the country will probably vote for in the next election, stands for many of the things I try to teach my first graders are wrong. He does not look at the kid walking alone on the playground and invite them over to play, he points and yells names trying to get others to join in or at least cheer him on.

It is sad, that the best we can do is Trump.  Many of his backers are fine and decent people, but they are overshadowed by the core of his ‘movement’ and they are the separatists, America firsts, build a wall, anti-gay, anti-semitic, conspiracy theory, gun-wielding, angry bullies.

I have zero tolerance for his (and his followers) rhetoric…  I ask myself, ‘How can I make change?’… I can speak out, I can write, I can VOTE!

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