I know you are disenchanted with the choices of candidates… and we are over voting for the lesser of two evils… but sitting at home on election day is not the answer.

I had dinner last night with some friends that I have great respect for.  They are deep thinkers, educated and intelligent.  We are not all in agreement about our political stance and that is just fine because we are all reasonable.  But many of my friends are considering not voting at all and this saddens me.

I know our system is far from perfect – very far, but not voting does not send that message.  No one will know why you chose not to vote.  You could just be uninterested, uncaring, out of the country, too busy, or just lazy.  We need the message to read: I don’t like the choices you have given me and I want you to do a better job… so vote… send in your ballot and write someone in… doing that is not going to affect the outcome anymore than not voting… but it does send a very different message… and here in Oregon, voting is easy – you sit on your couch, mark your ballot, and mail it in – done.

So write in a candidate, pick Jill Stein, or just put Bernie… but let the powers that be know that you are not happy with our system, you are not lazy, you are fed up, and if they want you to vote out of fear, you are not playing that game anymore!


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