Too Soon…

They said this after Sandyhook, after UCC and again I heard a leader in Orlando say it this morning….it is too soon, after this horrific event, to talk about politics and gun control…. WAKE UP, AMERICA…. For those 50 people who were murdered, the 53 people who are fighting for their lives, for those who survived and will be forever changed, and for everyone who knew and loved someone involved IT IS TOO LATE! They are suffering the consequences of politicians who are afraid of not getting elected by standing up to the NRA and the gun lobby…. They are suffering because many of us,collectively, believe that our right to go hunting and protect ourselves would be compromised if assault riffles were banned and all guns were made more difficult to obtain…. They are suffering because we throw our hands up in the air and say there are too many guns out there already to make any change meaningful….

So, we do nothing… We wait… For the next time…. for the next idiot to say, ‘It is too soon to have this discussion.’… Shame on us!  It is time to raise up our voices and demand this change… DEMAND IT! The weight of this loss sits with political leaders who spew hate, are afraid of the gun lobby, and say things like ‘they reap what they sow’… If you are part of the problem it is time to step away and let those who have love for their fellow human beings take up the task of making our country a better place… You have done your job, he got his guns legally, and look at the results!

When we live in a country where people have to fight for their right to be treated with dignity, get a wedding cake with two grooms on top, or use the proper bathroom we are perpetuating the idea that somehow THOSE victims were lesser than other victims.  Standing behind the bible, God, morality, the Second Ammendment, or whatever is just unacceptable… We should be better than that!  LGBTQ rights ARE human rights…

*this was really two pieces in one…a bit meandering

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