The Importance of a Name

My name is Allison.  I have had many names over the years… AJ, Al, Lolly, Nosilla, Mom, teacher, Mrs. Whitworth, miss, mam… I answer to them all. But to the people who call me those different names they mean something very different… They are tied to who I am to them… a daughter, a friend, a parent, and more.  The name does not really matter – it is the connection that does.

We look at the world from so many different perspectives and we believe what we believe… God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Heavenly Father, Adonai,  El-Shaddai, Elohim, Lord and others that I don’t know, are all names we call the supreme being.  Although I do not believe in some divine being planning our daily lives, heartaches, illnesses, and successes… I do think that if there is a divine being he or she would not care what name we use or the practices we follow… None of us has been beyond this world so we are all going on a hunch… What we call our God only matters to us… embracing what others call God just validates that you believe He (or She) is what you believe Her to be… Open yourself to the idea that we can only see from our own perspective but that others may also have a view (from a different vantage point) to the deity you worship…

Embrace the variety… they are only names…


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