One Month Later

It has been one month since my dear friend left us.  It is crazy – one month is a long time – one month is just yesterday…  It has been easier for me than so many others… I am busy, this is my busiest time of the year and my days are filled with young children who say silly things, give me flowers and randomly hug me.  It is really their job.  Children are here to bring perspective to sadness.  They bounce back, move ahead, need you deeply and are silly and often times difficult beyond belief.  They have kept me sane.

That being said, I miss my friend… and I am still struggling with the reality of it all. I am not in agonizing pain because I had over a year to come to terms with this…  People post all of these heartfelt sentiments about my friend… I know she was a friend to so many others and of course her husband, children and sister really own the pain of this excruciating loss… but to me she was the fire in this life… she made my childhood dreams come true… she pushed me… she would ask me to do things I never would have thought of doing… she advised me as a mother and a wife… I told her my deepest secrets…  she showed love and concern for me and my family… she showed up… always


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