Just Think

I just finished reading this article about the dumbing down of America and it made me think.  I enjoy thinking… pondering… learning… debating and otherwise challenging myself intellectually.  It is fun.  When my kids were younger we would watch Survivor and the Amazing Race as a family with the globe at the ready.  We bought books like there was no tomorrow and went to the science museum whenever we had the chance.  Now, we were far from perfect and looked with a critical eye at those around us who did not seem to value the things we did.  But we did our best to foster curiosity and discovery in our children.

I was raised by an artist and a scientist both deep thinkers, conversationalists, and highly educated… so I have a unique way of seeing the world.  I believe in science and I believe in learning as much as I can.  My oldest son is often at odds with the establishment… but don’t dare get into a debate with him… he is so knowledgeable about whatever he is passionate about that he will run circles around you!  Really he will… THAT is the kind of kid you want to send off into this world… someone with passion about what he believes… someone who will read all sides of an issue so that he can better understand where the opposition is coming from and have an intelligent argument…

My family is famous for having intelligent arguments… loud… long…. passionate… sometimes they even ended in people having to leave the party… arguing about politics, religion, science, morality and more keeps us all thinking…

It is not about believing, it is about learning and discovering… Why are we in trouble?  Because we need to stop, do some reading, and remember to THINK

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