LGBTQ Not Welcome

I just don’t really get it.  Maybe I am the only one (but I know that isn’t true), but how is it that gay marriage and trans girls in the girls locker room infringes on anyone’s rights? If the signs read: No Jews, No Blacks, No Irish… we would not even debate the rights of the non-Jews, whites, or non-Irish or the owners of those businesses or ideology of those institutions…. it would just be wrong.  And the last time I checked (as a first grade teacher and instiller of moral behavior and kindness) WRONG IS WRONG… We would all stand up and watch as those signs were taken down… The End

Each of us has a right to feel safe and protected under the law, in schools, on the streets, when we go into businesses.  LGBTQ  students are in the most danger of being harassed, bullied, beaten up and worse…  If someone feels that the rights of others to live their lives in safety, peace and love are infringing on their own rights – they should send their children to a private religious school and  not have a business or job where they deal with the public.

If a business owner feels so strongly about their belief system, they should just post it on their door… and then the rest of the public can choose whether or not they want to do business with them.  Coming out as gay, or trans is hard enough in our society without the continuous judgement of people using the bible to be cruel.  It is not like our country doesn’t have  a history of this kind of cruelty or intolerance (and using the bible to back up their cruelty)…. we do – against blacks, mixed race couples, people who don’t speak English, Jews, Irish, immigrants, other non-Christians, women, Native Americans, and other non-white people.  And in each of those cases, slowly we have learned… this group of oppressed and targeted people are no different.

Being tolerant is not enough… being tolerant is just the minimum you can do.  If I tolerate you that just means I barely allow you to be who you are… we need to evolve past tolerance and embrace our differences.  Embrace – not tolerate.  Fear and hatred hold us back.

Evolve past fear and hatred… and if you can’t do that then just put a sign on your door so we all know who we are dealing with…


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