Not Angry

I am sad, not angry.  Sad because life can be cruel, unfair, and inexplicably brutal.  But, I can not be angry. To be angry I allow myself to think that this was part of someone’s plan, that it was someone’s fault or that someone made a decision and the result was that my friend is no longer here.  To be angry I would have to imagine that some are more worthy of grace than others, that some are destined to die young long before their time, and that there is a reason behind all of this.

I rode my bike today and the journey through life was summed up in those twenty miles. There was a painful uphill and I felt slower  than usual, there was a fast and furious downhill, someone came a little too close and scared me, it was sunny, it rained and when I got home I had missed a call… At times I was overdressed and then I was underdressed… It wasn’t easy… I was sad, not angry…  Sometimes, that is the way it is…


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