Clap Along… on being happy

I know it isn’t easy for everyone…some of us are predisposed to anxiety or depression and you can’t just flip a switch and change those things about you… But this is about me and I am lucky enough to not have those issues…

Yesterday I was on the phone with my dad and he is going through a difficult time in his life. We both are. He is fighting some serious medical issues and one of my dearest friends is rapidly nearing the end of her life.  He has the best attitude he has ever had in his almost 79 years of worrying about life… Maybe because he is focused on me…  My dad is so worried about me and how I am doing because of the sadness of my friend’s situation.  ‘I am fine’, I told him. And I am.

It is true that at times I become overwhelmed with sadness and cry, but I am not letting that consume my life.  I have sold myself on the fact that I am a happy person and I do things that reinforce that truth.  I look for the bright side of a situation, for the beauty in nature, for the comfort of friends, and for some way to make an impact.

I ran yesterday, and as I was running that Pharrell song ‘Happy’ started playing on my iPod.  I ran and sang along. Running and singing is a recipe for happiness.   When it said ‘clap along’, I did.  I realized that there was a man watching me as I ran by… He smiled at me and I waved. My happiness had an impact on him, even in that brief moment.  So many terrible things happen in our lives and in the world that you could be upset all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I get upset and even irate about life and the world but I am a teacher and I spend my days with young children, my joy can not be diminished… The people around me count on it.

When my friend got sick, over a year ago, she told me that she was going to need me because I was her happiest friend… As we near the end, I hope I did my job

My recipe for finding the joy… Put some music on, move, sing and…of course…


5 thoughts on “Clap Along… on being happy

  1. While I’ve known you for quite some time now it had never occurred to me that in fact you are a happy person. It is a rare quality to have. Keep it going Alison we are going to need you around!


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