Enjoy the Good Days

We cradle each other… we lay on each other… we take up the space where our friends and partners have been… we move as one, we move as individuals, we love, we hide, we are frightened, we fight and then we take the final bow.  I have just finished watching an amazing dance that I dreaded at moments and cherished at others… it is a symbol of life and how it goes.

There are always ups and downs as we go through our days, weeks, months and even years.  You may tell someone who is unhappy about their situation that it will get better… that this will not last… It is true, nothing lasts… change is our one constant… but it is also not true, because although things may change around you, you are still you and you have a choice in how you react to everything in your path.

Today I asked my friend if her day was good… yes, it was… we are coming closer to the final bow… but the dance is still going and there are still moments of joy… cradling each other, crying, hiding, loving…  it is not yet over… we have not yet bowed

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