What The Candidates Say About Our Country

We are more divided than united.  Two of the most popular candidates represent the best and worst we see in our population.  They are both ‘outsiders’, they are both old white men, and they are both fighting with every fiber of their being to be the leader of our country.  One says hope,  passion, compassion, unification, social responsibility and (yes) love… one says fear, separatism,  punishment, blame, anger, and (yes) hate. When you look at these two messages you have to ask yourself… where am I and who represents me… Not, who do I like… Not, who gets the most press… Not, who is shouting the loudest… No, you need to ask yourself, ‘what do I want to teach my children’… which list of ideals do I want my child’s teacher to pass on… which list do I want my pastor to preach on Sunday morning…

As we as a world recover from acts of terrorism, do we respond with the way Paris did… singing in the streets and continuing to live a joyful life, or do we build a wall… when we build a wall we let those who are terrorizing us win… when we open our arms and offer free hugs WE WIN…

What does your candidate say about you?  Make sure it is something you are proud of and something you want to share with the next generation…

I am not just an American… I am a citizen of the world… Don’t forget that we are in this together…

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