These Women

I have a lovely collection of women in my life… Women of all ages and from all over the world. An Irish lady full of spirit who will tell it like it is, a spicy young Brazilian mother and chocolatier with a heart of gold, a retired French teacher with a no nonsense attitude, a Pilates trainer from Alaska who gets down to business, a special Ed teacher who sees the world from a unique perspective, a smart business woman whose smile can light up the room, a quiet but strong person whose good intentions and caring heart bring peace,  and, at the center of this collection,  my dear friend, who has brought these women together, time after time, in the river, in the dance studio, on vacation, on the stage, in the kitchen, on the patio, and now at her bedside.  It is there where we will knit together friendships that will last long into the future.

I see these women, my sisters, and although we may not all have been close over the decades we have known one another, we hug….hard and long… Fighting back tears as we watch helplessly.  Well, almost helplessly… We visit, we massage, we encourage, we reminisce, we bring chocolate, we drink wine, and we even laugh.

Many of us are dancers and have held each other up-literally…cradled each other like babies, held and been held… Walked away bruised and battered but always willing to come back for more.

We are part of a string of pearls that adorn our dear friend, each of us imparting something a little different as she continues in her journey.  The stubborn ones give her fight when she does not feel like fighting, the cheerful ones find the joy in the moments we share, the caring comfort her and the strong bolster her when she falters.

We are still on this journey and it is not easy… But we are in it together, and that helps…

2 thoughts on “These Women

  1. Yes, I, too, have tears in my eyes, Allison.
    Friendships are so very powerful.
    The love you share is beautiful and moving.
    Thank you for putting this down in words.

    Liked by 1 person

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