It is not about who I was.  Hopefully I have grown and changed since my early twenties.  I look at life differently now, with the perspective of almost 30 years of experience.  I am not as self-centered or impulsive…. But still I must trust that my 20 year old self did the best it could.

We are all constantly changing and growing in our faith, hope, compassion, ideas and ideals.  Our opinions should be evolving. We are works in progress. Even the me that I was last week is an outdated version of who I am today.

I know politicians will be judged on decisions and opinions from decades ago… I hope that, just like me, they have grown and learned throughout their lives.  That tells me that they are thinkers and listeners.

Don’t be too quick to judge based on who someone was 10 years ago. It can take  time to forgive yourself for not being then who you are today.  But, all we can effect is who we are today. Focus on what people stand for now… Everyone did their best in the past with who they were then…. Don’t judge too harshly ~ Evolve ~ You too were once younger than you are today…

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