Finding the Joy in Life

Cooking for my family, dancing in the kitchen, blogging, sharing a glass of wine with friends, talking to my mom on the phone, walking into the house after a long day and seeing Paul in the kitchen, working in my classroom on the weekend, riding bikes with my husband, running, talking about life with my son… all of these things, and many more, bring me joy.  Sometimes we are overcome by the sadness of the world… a suffering friend, a death, tragedy, or other things that are beyond our control… It is easy to get mired down in that circumstance.  We can only do what we can do.  We can comfort,  sympathize,  empathize, encourage, help and love.  But when we know we are at our limit it is also o.k. to say that it will not take over our ability to find and hold on to the joy.

It is up to you  to choose what you focus on … to know what you have control over.  You have the control over forgiveness, if you forgive others or yourself. You have control over your attitude, how you react to others, and how you treat others.  You can not change the past and sometimes you can’t change the future.  But you can accept where this life is heading and look for the joy in that journey.


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