If you are paying attention to the presidential race you may have already heard about the shameful actions of one of the key players in this horror/comedy show.  Ted Cruz pulled one of his own ads yesterday.  It depicts a ‘support group’ for people who had supported other candidates.  One of the actors, who now identifies as a conservative Christian, used to do films for the soft-porn adult film industry.

As soon as it was discovered, Ted pulled the ads and apologized for his mistake.  This move says so much. So much about him, his campaign and his supporters that I can not believe it happened.  I would hope that a Christian would remember that it is not his place to judge, that people can make mistakes, and that we all deserve forgiveness.  I am sure that if Sylvester Stallone came out as his supporter he would make the most of it… although, he too made some soft-porn movies early in his career.

To say that he does not condone this woman’s actions and does not want her representing her in his ad, goes directly against the teachings of Jesus… let’s not forget Mary Magdalene and her sordid past… and yet Jesus let her wash his feet…

I am not sure where I am going with this… but let’s not vote for Ted Cruz… please, people…

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