The New Political Party

As anti-American as it may seem,  there seems to be a new political party gaining a stronghold in middle America… It is cleverly disguised as something familiar and acceptable to us all.  It boasts a grassroots base with people who have a strong moral compas.  It is actually the hijacking of the Republican Party which seems to slowly be morphing into the Christian Republican Party… you might call them Evangelical, or tea partiers or maybe those nut balls that live down the road.  But actually they are none of those things.  They are people who believe with all of their hearts that our country would be best served by someone who is a very religious Christian.  That a Christian leader will  set the rest of the country ‘right’, and on the path their God has chosen for America. Several of the Republican candidates evoke God in their speeches, they make sure to bless us all before they are done and talk about taking the country back from non-believers.

But, here is the thing… Our country and it’s politicians are not supposed to promote religion… they are not supposed to let it seep into our policies, schools, or laws.  We are a country that was founded on freedom of religion, escaping oppressive rulers, and living life free from discrimination stemming from race, religion, sex, age and anything else you can think to discriminate against.  This new Christian party wants to create rules about who you can marry, about what you do with your body, which women’s health organizations are worthy of support, which medical testing will be funded, what scientific information can be taught in schools and whether or not you can see a doctor (unfortunately only those with a large pocket book (or a job that provides insurance) are really allowed to get healthcare).  Sorry if you are poor… you just are not working hard enough.  Only those citizens who have served in the military are afforded some of what they deserve … I am not saying that Veterans deserve less – they deserve way more than they are getting now… but so do the struggling families who live in one of the richest country in the world.

This new Christian Party needs to step away from politics and back into church.  Ted Cruz needs to be preaching from a pulpit, not speaking in a presidential debate.  And those people donating all of their time and money to elect a Christian into office should take that money out of the political arena and donate it to the charity of their choice, adopt a few unwanted children,  if they are doctors they can have a sliding scale for patients who can’t afford their bills, join the Big Brothers and Sisters of America, start an after school running club for kids in need and buy their local school shoes and backpacks.  This new Christian Party could do great things in the private sector because that is where they belong…Maybe they are already doing all of those things… but maybe not.

3 thoughts on “The New Political Party

  1. Joy,

    Did you know that George Washington served as Commander and Chaplin for the first American patriots?
    He and John Adams, John Jay, Ben Franklin, and too many founding fathers, all warned that democracy needs a moral people.
    To say, the will of the people is the law of the land, is a good thing only so long as the people are good.


    1. Moral people do not need to be Christian or even religious… they just need to be moral… and morality is not yours to judge. And even those founding fathers were not all religious… democracy works when people are educated.


  2. If these so called Christian candidates were acting like our Lord Jesus I would listen. So far they have not spoken or acted like Christians – Christ follows should attempt to behave live Jesus – I just don’t see that in any of them – in or out of politics! Our country can and should do better. I for one am embarrassed by their behavior.

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