Who Will God Choose

My 16 year old son and I were talking while I was making dinner and it suddenly occurred to me that we were missing the debate… He said, “Oh, you mean the debate where they tell you why God wants them to be president”, and I said “No, it’s the democratic debate.”  High-fives ensued… How crazy is that, that we really have a group of people (well, two or three in the group) who think that God, not the American people, will choose the next president.

My question is, who will God choose? If I were God I would pick the person who would make sure no child went hungry, that no senior had to worry about making the rent, that no one worried if they could afford their medication and that no student would spend ten years paying off their college education.

It scares me when a politician is all about God because our country is not supposed to be about religion or our spiritual beliefs.  Our country is supposed to be about freedom, diversity, honoring and caring for our fellow human beings and justice.  It should not be about forcing your religious beliefs onto those of us who don’t believe.  We are the most religious country in the developed world and we have a higher rate of poverty, incarceration, bankruptcy, and high school dropouts than almost any the nation.

So when you cast your vote… Think past your own personal pocketbook and your need to force the rest of us to subscribe to your religious ideals… Think about who will make you proud to be an American… And then hope that candidate is still in the race when Oregon gets its chance to vote in May…

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