My Life Is Full

I am sitting on the floor on a Sunday making Valentines for my class… There is food cooking on the stove, I have had a beer, and am watching the Super Bowl. Life is good.  It is also a choice.  I could focus on all the things that are wrong in the world, notice the pile of crap in the corner of the room, care that most of our furniture are hand-me-downs from 20 years ago, think about my teenage years and the crazy upbringing I had, I could blame those around me for adding stress to my life, or cry over a friend’s battle… But the truth is that each of those things and many more all come together to make me who I am in this moment.  Each is actually a gift, a window that is uniquely mine… A way that I move through this world and give hope, inspire and create joy.  I look for what is right about each situation. It is in that decision we find the gift of the situation and are able to take that next step forward, to forgive ourselves and others, to be thankful rather than blame.  When you blame, you alter what really happened, you change history because what you are really doing is recreating the past with your own need to be less responsible for who  you are…

You are the author of your own life…take responsibility… Write a good one…

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