Iowa Caucus and the Media

Nothing against Hillary Clinton, but the media declaring her the winner over Bernie Sanders is a complete joke.  It shows just how biased the media can be and whose back-pocket they are hunkered down in.  I am just saying  that a victory  of .3% is pretty much a tie… A TIE!  I am seeing articles that make it sound as though Bernie Sanders should concede the Iowa race as Clinton declares herself the winner.  She squeaked by… she expected far more and the fact that Bernie came from way behind to TIE her is just the beginning of his rocket to the Moon.

The media and the Democratic party have been minimizing Bernie’s campaign since the beginning.  He got less press coverage and many organizations declared Hillary the winner of debate after debate… it is interesting to see just how their interests and bias  play out in the way they report the news.

In my mind, Bernie won because he TIED!  I can’t wait to see what will happen in New Hampshire!  Feel the Bern!

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