He Who Must Not Be Named

I watched the republican debate this past week.  Firstly, I was happy that a certain larger than life candidate chose to stay away.  Because of that choice I was able to really sift through the other people up on stage, I was able to hear them, and they were able to focus on the issues that set them apart from each other.  It was heated at times, but it was good.  I appreciated that it was not a circus filled with things that would embarrass America in front of the world.  His choice not to participate also did one other thing… It showed us that if he doesn’t get his way he walks away.  He can’t put differences aside, he holds a grudge, and he thinks he is better than his opponents. It shows that in the end he would do anything for money (he would have come if they had paid $5 million to his favorite charity)  and that the Republican Party has some pretty good candidates without him.  It will be interesting to see how it goes in Iowa next week.

I will not be voting for anyone up on that stage… But in he end, I will be happy if our country has two people running that we can be proud of as Americans… I know that there is a huge divide between the parties and their motives are not always clear…. But let’s not be a joke… Let’s not vote for the playground bully…. please…

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