Why Not? …on going vegan part one

About two years ago my then high school son started the trip to becoming vegan… Pronounced VEE-gin with a hard ‘g’.  I was a reluctant, yet accommodating passenger on what some in our family considered the crazy train.  I would cook things and leave the cheese and meat on the side so it could be added at the table… But he also started making more of his own food.  I made these awesome tofu and hummus sandwiches for his school lunches while my younger son ate turkey and cheese. Slowly our whole family began to eat mostly vegetarian.  I stopped buying milk, those big bags of frozen chicken, only bought eggs from a friend who had hens, and limited our beef to the occasional meal made from our friend’s slaughtered cows.

But there is that one word in the last sentence that really bothers me…. SLAUGHTERED…. It does not seem very happy.  And it isn’t. You wouldn’t want it to happen to your dog, cat, horse or pet bird… Those animals that we slaughter on a mass scale have no less capacity to be loving caring beings than do our family pets. They can care, become scared and most certainly feel pain.  We have huge campaigns shaming people who are cruel to animals.  We look for that line at the end of a movie that says ‘no animals were harmed in the production of this film’…. Really? What about the buffet? We rally against fur coats but fry up a package of bacon without batting an eye.

There was a shift in me one day very early on in my own journey when I was still eating an occasional non-vegetarian meal… I had ordered a seafood pasta dish because fish don’t really care about their babies and that seemed like a good rule for me… But when my food arrived I looked down at my plate and all I could see were these dead animals sitting on top of my plate of pasta… It just seemed gross… Boom!

So, my friends, that is reason one on why not go vegan…. Eating dead animals is just gross…

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