The Minutia Of Daily Life

Yesterday three lovely young women came knocking on my door.  They were from places very different from Roseburg and they were here to tell me about Jesus… It was very cold here yesterday so I invited them in to warm up and visit.  They sat in our lounge for about a half hour while I asked them about their lives.  We didn’t talk about Jesus at all.  I asked them lots of questions about their  plans for the future and then I told them about my philosophy on life.  They were sweet, lovely and on an adventure.  I didn’t challenge their belief, because they have a right to believe what makes them happy.  As they left I reminded them that we are all connected and that there are plenty of good people who don’t believe.  If they come back I will ask them questions that might make them think more deeply about God and their religion.

I don’t think these girls were meant to come to our door.  Or that there was a reason they came to town.  When I was growing up any time we got a close parking spot at the mall or a restaurant… Or when we walked into a restaurant and got a table without waiting, or when something good happened we said it was ‘meant to be’.  Like those little things were orchestrated by someone in charge who cared that we not wait an extra 15 minutes to sit down at the restaurant.  I know now that it was just another way of saying that we were lucky and that our timing was right… But all too often people thank God for those little things… Like having just enough milk to make your recipe, getting a package the day that it is needed, or finding your lost keys is part of God’s plan and proof that he is in our daily lives.

It is just beyond me that GOd might play a role in grades, parking, financial issues, politics, relationships or anything else that happens in our daily lives.  When you look at the horrible things that happen day after day all over the world how can you think that God cares about all of those little things.  I am not saying there isn’t something… A connection, an afterlife, reincarnation… Who knows? But don’t tell me that someone is planning all the twists and turns that life takes or directing me as I navigate the choices I make… That’s just life… And me living it…

3 thoughts on “The Minutia Of Daily Life

    1. Because I don’t believe in a God that has power over our daily lives does not mean that I am needing help to see Him… I relish the little things that happen every day and find joy and hope in things that most people take for granted… I love nature and feel connected to the world and the people who live here with me… I appreciate chance encounters, coincidences, and good luck without having to see God in those things.

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