A Good Guy With A Gun

Over and over I have heard this phrase in the news, on Facebook and in conversations with friends.  We don’t want to keep guns away from the ‘good guys’. And, if more ‘good guys’ had guns, gun violence would decrease and lives would be saved.

I am sorry, folks, but I am not buying it.  We are saying that anyone who doesn’t have a criminal record, is a known terrorist, a domestic abuser, or has a history of mental illness is a good guy… EVERYONE! Are you really comfortable with that?

Twenty-seven Americans were killed with guns on Christmas Day… And that was a slow day for us… A good day by about ten victims.  In our country someone is a good guy until they prove otherwise.  But the truth  is that even if the guy with the gun is a good guy, good guys still make mistakes… They misfire or leave them out unsecured for children to find, they have accidents when they are cleaning their guns, or they mistake a friend for an enemy… And some people live a very long life before they make that switch from good guy to bad guy… A man in his seventies killed his wife and then himself this past month.

Your argument may be that more people are killed in cars every day… So what? We also are required to prove that we are capable of using a car every few years .. You make enough mistakes as a driver and you lose your right to drive.

So I would like the same rigor to be applied to gun owners. I want them trained and tested regularly.  But really for me the bottom line is that the only ‘good guy’ I want to have a gun is someone wearing a uniform and sometime they make mistakes, too.

3 thoughts on “A Good Guy With A Gun

  1. FYI: The DMV does not require the elderly to retake a driving test. My 90 year old mother just got her drivers license renewed for 5 years …… that’s ridiculous! We are trying to convince her that it is time to give up driving ….. that’s a hard one for someone who is independent and totally “with it”. But her reaction time and ability to look over her shoulder are not good. She could accidentally hurt or kill someone – which scares me/us to death. We are getting her doctors involved so she hears it from a professional rather than her children.

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    1. My father has had to take his driving test at least the last two times he has renewed… Perhaps it is because of his eyesight (which has been corrected with surgery and is now very good)… But I wonder if the different requirement is because he has a California license… He has not been in any accidents or had any driving issues…. I believe that he even had to take the driving portion once in the past 10 years.


    2. I just heard a piece about this issue for transitioning to a non-driving lifestyle for the elderly on NPR just a couple of weeks ago… Perhaps you could find it and share it with your mom…


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