Putting On Your Game Face

It is easy to forget that we don’t really know what is going on with people.  We see them smile and push through their pain.  We see them give to others and be energized by the events going on in their lives.  We see them acting as they always have – with drive, with passion, with a need to control.  We react to the slight changes like they are not really real.  And then we stop and realize that they have on their game face.  It changes everything…

We all do it.  We should all do it.  We smile, we go on, we do what it takes to stay sane and focused, to not dwell on the negative but live in the possibility of the positive.

Things are not perfect… not really for anyone.  But when we put on our game face we act as if… as if it is all ok.  And in that moment (which is all any of us really have)… it is.  Life is a series of these moments… Live each one, embrace each one… and look past someone else’s game face to better appreciate them and the moment you are sharing…

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