It’s Not The End of The World

Yesterday morning when it got light enough to see outside, I noticed that our back yard seemed really wet.  As I moved closer to the window and opened our sliding back door I realized that the backyard was completely flooded (under at least 2″ of water) and the step that leads DOWN to my husbands office was full – that meant that there was over a foot of water trying to squeeze under the door.  I woke up Paul and we both sprung into action.

I shoveled debris from the gutter on the roadway just behind our house.  I cleared leaves out of the storm drain and kept shoveling so that the water wouldn’t run into our neighbors house.  I shoveled for at least an hour and a half.  It was cold, wet and I was wearing my pajamas with rainboots. Paul was taking pictures, sweeping debris, and trying to get the water out of his office.  As soon as our boys woke up they joined in on the ‘fun’.

This morning we found out that although this was caused by the city not clearing storm drains on the city road behind our house, forcing the water to pour down our driveway, into our garage, backyard and office, our insurance calls this ‘surface water’ and it is not covered under our homeowners insurance policy.  Many things were lost, computers, cameras, irreplaceable signed books, original blueprints, a picture Declan drew of his dad when he was 3 years old, the video of our wedding… Oh my.

But here are the good things about this whole thing:

  1. We are not Syrian refugees.
  2. Water did not enter the living part of our home.
  3. We are all healthy.
  4. We wanted to get rid of some of our stuff anyway.
  5. Paul didn’t really like the flooring in his office.
  6. We had power and water (plenty of water).
  7. We slept in warm beds.
  8. We got to order Chinese for dinner (we almost never order – and we had it delivered).
  9. We have friends who offered to help.
  10. No one swore, yelled, or cried.
  11. We don’t have to worry about what craziness will come with this holiday season because now we know.
  12. We will laugh about this in a few years.
  13. We are laughing already!

3 thoughts on “It’s Not The End of The World

  1. I am so very sorry this happened, Allison and Paul ! I really Love your good attitude about your loss, which puts it all in very good, healthy perspective. It’s very difficult to lose personal history, family art and photos, memorabilia and family heirlooms and
    legacy treasures. I went thru a huge loss from a storage unit break-in theft 2 yrs ago this week in Santa Cruz. I lost so many treasured possesions from my childhood and young adulthood, from 1963, 65, 72, 77, 82, 85. And some great things were spared, overlooked so fortunately. For example, the thieves took my $1, 000 movie camera but left the reels of 33 yr old family super 8 movies!! My 55 yr old photo albums survived unscathed. Obviously, it was desperate drug addicts who stole my old stuff. They took all of the very easy valuables to sell quickly–a 73 yr old rifle I bought for my Dad in 1965, an antique blackpowder revolver, my childhood guitar, very nice walrus ivory carvings collection from 37 yrs ago in Alaska, the movie camera and other valuables. However, most of my personal memories remained.

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      1. So true, I love your attitude. Memories , not possessions , are most precious.
        I love your gratitude list, but am most impressed by #10.
        It makes an unfortunate situation an event, rather than a tragedy. It makes me
        marvel just thinking about you in your jammies, out there in the cold.
        Your family is an inspiration. Laughter is a healer.


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