A Life Lacking Richness

What makes for a rich life?  I use the word like hot fudge, dripping into your bowl of ice cream.  I use it like a hot bath full of fragrant bubbles.  And I use it like spaghetti spilling over a plate topped with pinenuts and a tomato sauce with lots of garlic.  A rich life does not need money to make it so.  A rich life is something that can be savored moment by moment.  It is a life that does not just settle or go through the motions.  It does not rush here and there not stopping to notice what is important. We are all capable of having such a life, no matter the money in the bank, your wallet or slid under couch cushions.

We can be rich with love, culture, music, animals, food, dance, friends, joy and so much more.  When we make a sauce on the stove we might ask ourselves what to throw in to make the sauce richer… maybe it is more olive oil, butter, or just time to simmer.  Right now think to yourself, what it is that will make your life richer?  Is it tradition, more snuggle time on the couch, game night with friends and family, that extra fuzzy blanket at the foot of your bed, a string of lights around your window, or some candles lit on the table.

Find what it is and make it happen… you deserve a rich life!


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