No Patience

Is anyone listening?  If you are listening you might hear the collective groan of the world as politician, professor, radio personality, clergy and layperson appear on CNN spouting off some of the most idiotic and offensive ideology on the planet.  I watched as a college professor defended an editorial she wrote in her school’s paper stating that the Islamic religion was at fault for the problems of the world and that it was not compatible with the beliefs of most world religions.  She is a law and history professor at a prestigious university… does she not watch the news?  Most killings in our country have nothing to do with Islam.  Yes, radical Islamic Jihadists have committed terror across the globe (and killed thousands in our own country), but there are just as many radical Christians who are training in the back woods of middle America who are ready to take up arms and kill for pro-life, anti LGBTQ, and white supremacy.  They hold fast to the belief that our president is not an American and that he himself is Muslim.  Throughout history Christians have killed and tortured based on what they believe God wants them to do.  So, how is Christianity any better than Islam?  Most devout Christian religions stand by the belief that the man is the head of the family and that a woman’s role is to support him and raise children. It is the man’s role to raise up his wife to God and lead his family. I am not saying that you should not believe in your religion, but don’t put Christianity above the idea of Islam.  If you look at some sects of Judaism , women need to cover their heads with a scarf or wig – like there is something wrong with showing a woman’s hair.  Some religions believe that a woman should not show her shoulders.  And some believe that women should not sit with men at church.  Is that American?  Are we monitoring those teachings and religious organizations?  No we are not.  If you want to strap a box to your head, or believe that golden plates were buried by God in your backyard, or that you came from a faraway planet, have at it.  This is America.  Once we decide that our country’s religion is Christian and that we will regulate any non-Christian religious group then we are sliding down a slippery slope.  If I remember my history correctly, once a world leader tried to do that in his own country.  He blamed all the wrongs of the world on one group… his name was Hitler.

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