I’ll Just Write Down Jesus

Several months ago I was checking out at my regular grocery store.  They were raising money for the food bank, special olympics or some community sponsored event like music on the half shell.  I can’t really remember the exact cause but I do remember being asked if I would like to donate and I said yes.  After our transaction, the sweet checker handed me a little card so I could write my name down to be put up on the wall saying that I had donated.  I said I did not want to fill out a card. I never fill them out because I really think that donations are a private decision and not something I want up on the wall of the grocery store for all of Roseburg to see.  If I donate to a gofundme campaign I usually do it anonymously for that same reason.

Now that isn’t much of a story… No big deal.  But my regular check out lady’s response left me speechless. She whipped out a pen and with a big grin, said “I’ll just write down Jesus”.  Oh my.  This was wrong on so many levels.  First of all I am not a Christian, but that was her assumption. Secondly, she felt that I was moved to do this by a power greater than myself.  Thirdly, this statement assumed that only a Christian would give to charity. And finally, I didn’t say ‘No,please don’t.’  The last issue was truly the worst one because I had an opportunity to show this woman that you don’t have to be a Christian to be a good person, give to charity, or care about others.  She went away from our encounter thinking that it was just Jesus working through me.

My message to her and to the rest of our conservative town is this… Christians have not cornered the market on morals.  We do not need to have Christian values and morals to be decent human beings.  Morals and values are  prevalent in all religions and across all cultures.  We need to let go of this superiority complex and accept that there are plenty of ways to live your life, and believing in and following the teachings of Jesus does not make you morally superior to anyone else following the ideals of their beliefs whether they be religiously or humanisticly based.  Do not give God credit for my caring actions… You can thank my parents.

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