I Am Not Afraid To Say It

It is easy to be angry about the cavalier attitudes surrounding gun rights. Everyone can and does agree that mass shootings and gun violence in general are terrible, out of control and should stop.  People on both sides of the debate do agree on that.  But when gun rights advocates (like guns actually have rights) are asked what can be done to help this issue their answer is more guns.  When ordinary gun owners are asked they often say that they don’t know what could be done. Because the real answer is something they don’t want to hear.

I was talking to several friends the other day about this subject and two of these friends owned guns although they did not hunt or carry them.  We began our discussion with the mass shooting at UCC, our town’s community college.  It was their belief and, with the system  we have now, mine as well, that nothing could really have been done to change the path that man was on two months ago.  We talked about changing the availability of certain types of guns and background checks but then our conversation turned.

We are all people who work with children and have done so for many years. Our conversation became a list of children we knew from our tiny community who had been shot accidentally over the years. Hunting, gun cleaning, playing around and suicide had taken the lives or terribly injured so many.

So when we talk about taking away assault rifles, increasing background checks or serving the mentally ill we are not addressing this issue.  The issue is that people have guns in their homes and when you have a gun in your home you or someone you care about is more likely to get shot. The solution is really more regulation on ALL guns… If you feel the need to have a gun they have smart guns that can only be operated by the owner of the gun and technology in this area is growing.  I am not afraid to say it… ALL GUNS CAN KILL… You don’t need to be mentally unbalanced or a religious extremist to run the possibility of ruining your life and the lives of others with a gun… You just need to have a gun.

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