Roseburg Two Months Later

Last night I was part of the OPB radio show Think Out Loud.  It was to commemorate the two month anniversary of the shooting at UCC.  A group of community members gathered on campus to talk about how they were coping in the aftermath of this horrific event.

Students were there to share their strength, fear and hope.  The president of UCC spoke about the love and caring that has come out of those events.  And a community leader reminded us that only one person did something wrong while everyone else did something right.  I was invited to speak about my blog and my experience as a first grade teacher talking to students about what we would do to stay safe.

Many of the people who spoke were upset with the way national news people treated our community during this time.  But all praised our local media for their caring concern when dealing with this tragedy.

The  program will air today at noon in areas that get Oregon Public Broadcasting.  It is an hour long show.  You can listen to it on-line from their website after 3pm today.


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