On Being Part of the Problem

If you go to church you have heard it many times before.  We are all sinners.  It is part of why, I assume, that it was fine for God to smite all the people of Babalon, or Egypt’s first born sons, or the entire human race and save only Noah and his family.  Now, this is not a belief I hold… but the more I look at the many troubles of the world, the more I see that we are all part of the problem.

I know many of us try, we try very hard.  We try to be environmentally conscious, politically correct, respectful, open-minded, skeptical, kind, thoughtful and impart these ideals when raising our children.  The list goes on and on.  We fall short so many times each day that they are too numerous to count.  Just driving out to work this morning I thought about all the gas I was using with every mile. Am I doing all that I can to make this world a better place?  Am I helping enough?

But here we have yet another mass shooting… another one… yes, again… I have talked to many pro-gun rights friends here in Roseburg and they all feel the same.  What happened up at UCC did not change their stance on how they feel about background checks or the availability of guns to law-abiding citizens.  So, as a society where this continues to happen day after day ( sadly, I can’t even say ‘week after week’) we are unwilling to change what we are doing.  We are just unwilling to budge even an inch to make obtaining a gun more difficult.  We are unwilling to try something different or new because for some reason we hold the belief that our rights as Americans have more value than the rights of the countless victims yet to come.

Yes, we are part of the problem.  How are you helping?  Enough is enough…

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