Really, America…Mr. Trump?

How is it even possible?  I keep shaking my head is disbelief as Mr. Trump continues to be treated as a serious candidate by republicans and the media.  Just stop.  Prior to this point he was an embarrassment to himself and his supporters, but with this last bit of poor behavior he is now an embarrassment to us all.

Let’s be real.  If he were the CEO of some publicly held company, the owner of a basketball team, or your child’s principal… he would be done.  We would look at him mocking the reporter with cerebral palsy and be disgusted, shocked, and ready to stand up and fire him without a question.  I watched one of his supporters, a woman on CNN, defend his behavior telling the anchor that Trump wasn’t mocking him.  Really?  Did she believe that?  How could anyone look at that clip and not think he was mocking the New York reporter?  It is no different than looking at a 14 year old bully and saying ‘Boys will be boys’… it is just unexcusable!  And a horrid lesson for our children.  We are accepting this.  His numbers have not slipped.  Grow up, Trump.  And get a backbone, American…  His candidacy should be over… if this stunt didn’t prove who he is as a person then what will…

He is a grown man who should know better.  Can you imagine him ever really caring about those that are less fortunate than himself, i.e. the 99.9% of the rest of the world.  He is all about one thing, power.  Don’t fool yourself, America.  In my classroom, that kind of behavior gets you a ticket straight to the principal’s office.

It is time that we tell the world what we are made of… and I hope it isn’t a country of people who condone Trump’s behavior.  I am certain that there are better choices on the Republican side… please admit that you were wrong about this one and just say ‘NO’… bring back some dignity to America… Mr. Trump, you are fired!

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