It seems exhausting continually explaining that the attitudes and beliefs of so many Americans are anti-American.  Saying our country is a Christian country is anti-American.  We are a country where you can choose to worship or not worship whatever you want.  We are a country where all faiths are welcome and should not be forced on anyone.  People who are concerned with the lack of prayer in school don’t understand what our country is all about.  Those who think it is ok for a public high school coach to lead his team in prayer before or  after the game are only thinking of themselves and their beliefs, not of students in the minority who may not hold those same beliefs. Offering prayers to Paris is not the same as praying in schools.  Not even close.

People who believe we should keep out Muslim refugees because of safety concerns need only look back in their own family tree.  We turned away boatloads of refugees trying to escape the atrocities of Hitler and look how that turned out.  It is anti-American to deny them refuge.  These same people are, however, happy to risk everyone owning a gun and carrying it wherever they want.  People in American are willing to risk death by gun violence either planned or accidental but unwilling to risk a Syrian family with young children moving into their state.

It is exhausting trying to explain how we need to invest more in education, health care, senior services, services for the disabled to be a nation where we can count on each other.

As I watch many in our government kowtowing to people crying out in ignorant fear, I am saddened.  I am saddened because I had hoped that those elected were smarter than that. It is like the American people are the children and their parents have forgotten their job.  Sometimes a parent has to be the voice of reason and say ‘No’, just because you want something does not make it right.

There are so many issues that must be discussed and sorted out… but when people only think with fear in their hearts rather than love for all humanity, it becomes almost impossible to have a rational conversation.

It becomes exhausting…

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