What’s in Your Shopping Cart?

Food for thought…It really starts in the market.  That choice for your family you make before you ever start cooking dinner or packing lunches begins as you put things in your shopping cart.  One of the main ways we show our friends and family we care is by cooking for them.  Cooking something they love is one thing but cooking something that helps them be healthier people is another.  Hopefully, in this day and age, you Are thinking not only about the health of your loved ones but also for the health of our Earth and for the fair treatment of animals.

So here is my pitch… Eat  plant based foods.  I have been trying my best to make this choice for about 6 months and prior to that I was slowing moving towards that goal for about a year.  I am not aiming for perfection in this quest and I do not beat myself up for that sprinkle of cheese I wasn’t expecting on my plate.  But I do try my best.  I don’t really do it for my health, I am doing it for the animals who are tortured or killed by the millions because I love animals. I do it for our planet because if we all ate plant based diets there would be enough food for the whole planet… And, I do it for my family.

It is much easier than you could imagine. We eat Indian food, curry over rice, pasta, lots of beans, tofu, nuts, fruit, tons of veggies, lentils and so much more.  There are recipes for all kinds of amazing vegan dishes and baked goods on the Internet. I made these moist and delicious vegan pumpkin spiced muffins for my first grade class as a snack. Later on in the day we were having doughnuts but I had a few muffins left over… At least half of the children wanted a muffin instead of a doughnut!

I do want my family to be healthy, and from what I have read this way of eating is one way to help achieve that end.  We all have plenty of energy and are very active people.  This will be our first plant-based Thanksgiving… I am excited about trying some new recipes this year! No animals will be harmed in the making of our meal.

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