Home Sick

This morning I woke up extra early… 5:15am…. I had a lot to get done before I left for work.  I could tell right away that it would be difficult to get everything done with the way my stomach was feeling.  I started getting things together because it was my ‘treat day’ at work… My turn, with three of my friends, to supply delicious goodies for our staff of almost 50 people.  I had packed a few things last night but had some vegetables and bread to cut and pack up.  But by 5:45am I knew I would not be heading to school.  Curled up on the bathroom floor I called to my husband and asked if he was up for subbing in my class.  He knows that other than planned absences I only need a sub if I am curled up on the bathroom floor.  So he said yes. He hadn’t slept much and had a headache, but he said yes.  He is a keeper ( it is a good thing because we have been married 23 years ).  So, I scratched some notes to help him survive a day with 20 six and seven year olds, made sure he knew to take my bags of goodies, and crawled back into bed.  I felt lucky, very lucky.

I felt lucky that I have a husband who is among other things, a substitute teacher. Lucky that I could stay home sick and still get paid, that I only had stomach flu and would be better soon, that I was in a warm bed with a working bathroom just down the hallway and lucky that I lived in a country that makes me feel safe.  Everyone should be as lucky…

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