You Can’t Fight Ideology With Weapons

I was listening to NPR this morning and a French gentleman was speaking about the terrorism that happened last Friday.  He was a specialist who helped victims of terrorism recover.  Twenty-six years earlier his father had been killed in the terrorist bombing of an airplane.  The most powerful thing he said was that you can’t fight ideology with weapons.  The truth is that you CAN fight it, but you won’t win.  Because once you pick up that stick to fight back you are playing right into their hands… you are giving future recruits a reason to rally against you… you are adding fuel to their fire. You are fighting people and their acts of horror not what drives them to hate…

So we must do both… It is a war fought from many fronts… But one of those fronts needs to not be about militarily defeating them but opening their eyes to a loving world…

We as citizens of the world need to show that they can never win by continuing to live as we do but also by living better… by showing more compassion and kindness… By fighting their hateful ideology with love and peace….

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