Being Connected

The more I read and learn about ISIS the more worried I become.  I hear our leaders speaking out against these killers… talk of bombing and immobilizing, striking and isolating, toppling and targeting this growing organization is what will make us all safe or at least safer.  No, I am not saying do nothing… how could I… how could the world just do nothing.  But this tactic is not enough.  We need to show ISIS that they cannot win.  And, from what I have read and seen, ‘winning’ to them would be that all Muslims join in the fight against non-muslim people and ISIS would start WWIII.  Our attitudes towards Muslims living in our midst needs to be one of love and compassion… one that shows there is no us and them…

The propaganda of ISIS  is all about trying to vilanize all cultures different from their own.  We need to stand together and publicize anyway we can that we are one world people.  Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Hindus… everyone needs to join together, reach across the aisle and start to show acceptance and tolerance … really show it… defending what you believe is nothing compared to defending the rights of someone who is culturally or religiously different from you… it can no longer be us and them in our own small towns or large countries… We are all citizens of the world and we need to stand up to those who want to destroy love and peace by showing love and peace… not to the killers but to the rest of the world who cherish life because we are all  part of humanity.  Post something positive… post something that is not just patriotic but something that promotes global love, global peace and unity for all.

My grandfather spoke many languages… maybe five or seven… but I always thought that the funniest language he spoke was this made up language.  It was called Esperanto (I think that is how it is spelled).  It was a language created in 1887 and was supposed to be a world language with words taken from all other languages.  It was meant to bring the world together in peace.   The definition of Esperanto is ‘One Who Hopes’… I remember learning the official song from him as a child… I still know it…  Maybe we should all learn it…

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