When the World Suddenly Becomes Small…

Paris… it is closer than you think.  You have seen it in countless movies and perhaps you have visited those magical streets.  Today Paris became part of our conversation, concern, and worry.  Those of us in Roseburg know that only six weeks ago the people of Paris were thinking about us and our loss.  Our loss of loved ones, but also our loss of a sense of safety and security.  Because this evening, in Paris, people went out to enjoy life and didn’t come home.

How is it that these terrorists and hateful murderers can take away life without conscience?  Without a thought to the impact on family and friends, on communities and co-workers, or the world as a whole.  Is their religious belief, or need to make a mark on the world so compelling that they lose sight of the fact that every life is precious?  Angry young men with encouragement and weapons can rock the world.  And tonight they have.  Just as in our town innocent people living their lives were attacked.  People in Paris were either in the right place or the wrong place tonight.  And for Paris I hope that the world will answer these attacks and that Paris will not stand alone.

There are no words to convey the depth of my sorrow for those suffering the ultimate loss.  But the loss for the rest of Paris is real and will be felt over the hours, days and weeks ahead.  Tonight Paris is my city, too.

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