Is Anyone Crying?

I sat at my desk yesterday during lunch and saw it. Our local news reported that a 52 year old homeless man was found face down in a creek Monday morning.  I felt sadness.  We have a few local homeless people around town and I notice them. I notice them because sometimes I talk to them and give out gift cards to McDonalds.  I know it isn’t much but it is more than nothing.  Anyway, when I read this news I started wondering about him… He was only a few years older than I am. Had I given him one of the cards? What had happened in his life that made him end up face down in the creek?  Did anyone but me care or think twice about him? Was he a Veteran? And, how can we help these people? My biggest question was wondering about his family and if they knew.

I really don’t know any of the answers except that first we need to really SEE them. Look at them not past them.  Greet them as you would anyone else as you walk down the street because they are no less deserving of your kindness than any other stranger.  They are in some of the worst possible situations you can experience in our country.  Have compassion…. Smile and say good morning… It isn’t much but it is a place to start…

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