Totally Going for It

I got this amazing text about a week ago from a dear friend.  She said that her husband was driving down a local street on a rainy Sunday morning and he saw this girl running in the rain.  He thought how much he liked to run in the rain and how cool this girl was to be totally going for it in the rain.  As he drove by he realized it was me!

I had been dressed to run for about a half hour when I realized that it was raining.  I thought about waiting to see if it let up but decided to go anyway.  I thought that if I didn’t go then I might miss my chance.  It was a great run made only better by the text from my friend. It was nice to know that my running in the rain made someone smile and maybe someone went home and decided to do something themselves.

I remember when I was young thinking that 40 was so old.  When my dad was 40 he seemed old, unhealthy and limited  his ability to do certain things.  He often referred to his age and aging.  That was almost 40 years ago and my dad is still going strong, he is healthy but continues to talk about his limits based on his age. It was like he had already missed his chance to do certain things.  I am not my father and I hope that I live my life without a thought to limits based on age.

Yesterday I did something new.  I am 49 years old and I rode in my first cyclocross race.  I was nervous, worried about hurting myself and excited.  I worked hard, made a new friend and I am definitely going to do it again.  As you live your life and make your way through this world there should never be a time when you don’t totally go for it.  Sometimes I see other women who I think are older than I am and I realize that they are younger.  Maybe it is because of health issues but it might just be that they stopped totally going for it.  Physically pushing yourself makes you feel stronger and changes how you feel about what you are capable of doing.  I never considered myself an athlete growing up – but for the past five years I have been.  And as I continue my adventure into my 50th year of life, I will continue to be an athlete, I will never stop totally going for it! It is part of what makes this life worth living…

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