Vote Your Conscience

Voting  is one of the most important things you can do as an American.  People all over the world fight for this right.  You can see inequity, prejudice, bigotry, and stupidity and speak out against it but you may only make a small difference.  You can act on your beliefs and stand up, but to make a larger impact on public policy and society as a whole you need to act AND vote.

Ben Carson is now a front runner for the highest office in our country. ¬†He is a Seventh Day Adventist , a retired neurosurgeon, a father, and an African-American. ¬†I know that it is not an intelligent commentary but truthfully when I hear him speak it just gives me the creeps… I am not sure how anyone listening to him defend himself or speak about his convictions can feel anything else… Ok, you might feel tired or need a sympathetic nap. ¬†But, Ben Carson does not make me want to rush to the polls!

While you are weighing the candidates, watching debates, avoiding political phone calls, posting your views on FB, and agonizing over the possibility that your candidate won’t win, please consider this… We all want our country to be the best it can be. ¬†We all love our children and hope that their lives will be at least as good as our own and hopefully better. ¬†We want our streets to be a safe place for all. ¬†We want all people to be treated with kindness and respect. ¬†We all want every American to have enough to eat, be able to afford medical care, to have a warm bed to sleep in each night and be able to give their children an education that allows them to reach their full potential. ¬†You have to decide which candidate will help do these things… ¬†It is not about gun control, abortion or gay marriage – those issues are very important and I will support candidates who agree my beliefs and I will speak out for what I believe but I will not cast my vote based exclusively on my fear – I want someone who will show as much concern and compassion for that homeless man pushing all his belongings down the street as I have… Will that person be for big business and not raising taxes? I don’t think so.

So when you start to think about your candidate consider what you believe deep in your heart and vote for the person who will care for us the way you care… Vote your conscience!

2 thoughts on “Vote Your Conscience

  1. Unfortunately, many times we vote for the lesser of 2 evils. No one candidate , embodies all that we believe in. We have to make choices and pick the person closest to our highest goals for us and our fellow citizens. We can’t leave it to others, or throw our hands up in despair because our choices are limited. When I hear that a governor was elected in Kentucky, who wants to take health care away from millions, I am stunned. The reason he won was because only 30% of voters turned out to vote. Shameful!! We all need to vote, it is a privilege and a responsibility as American citizens.


    1. Yes, sadly this is true… But there are many candidates who don’t seem to care that there are children who go to bed hungry or have a mouth full of painful cavities because their campaigns only address business, foreign policy, planned parenthood and handouts. I am looking for someone who cares not who aligns with me on every issue….


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