What Would Jesus Do?

Before I start let me be clear, I am not trying to lump all Christians into one category.  I realize that people are individuals and many of my Christian friends do not fit this generalization, especially those who are in education. But as we move closer and closer towards having to choose the leader of our country there is a line that divides republicans from democrats.  More recently that line has been Christian (mostly republican) and not Christian (mostly democrat)… Now I am sure there are many who do not fit this mold but they are not the majority.  This divide may center around several key issues including anti-abortion, gay marriage, LGBT rights, and big government.

So here is the big question that many very devout Christians often ask others … What would Jesus do?  Would he be a democrat or a republican?  Would he want to take care of the elderly, feed the hungry, give health care to all, care for the poor, and educate the masses? Would Jesus be for gun control? Would He be for guns at all? The very rich and large corporations who desoarately try to pay as little tax as possible are taking away from education, healthcare, police services, fire departments, seniors, and the homeless.  As we look at all of the issues that our politicians are arguing over think long and hard about what Jesus would do.  Would he deny immigrants a place to live, safety from their oppressors, an education for their children, medical services or human kindness? Would he tell you to judge others or would he tell you to love everyone and show compassion?  He would be for the underdog, for the downtrodden, for the needy… Trump? I think not.

I think that Jesus would most definitely be a democrat and he probably would vote for an old Jewish man from back east…

One thought on “What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Yes, well said. !!
    My chagrin comes from hearing some Christians more concerned with converting or forcing others to live life according to their beliefs. They want less government and more freedom for everyone except for women, the LGBT community and our new immigrant population, who support our businesses and economy.
    When these people are elected to powerful offices, they care not for all of the people they lead, but use their office to push their religious and punitive preferences. This is a shameful overstepping of their power.
    This is not what our founding fathers had in mind, when our great country was born.

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