Lock Down in First Grade

Yesterday morning we had our first lockdown drill of the year.  I’ve talked about them with my class several times. Oddly enough, one of the last times I talked about what to do if  we had a lockdown it was October 1st at about 10:15am. We had just finished our Thursday spelling test and had a few minutes before we were supposed to leave for the library.  Little did I know that only several miles from our school the students and faculty of UCC were experiencing the most terrifying lockdown of their lives.

But this morning was just a practice.  Made all the more real by those recent events, my students were absolutely silent for the  10 minutes we huddled in our library corner in a pitch black room.  I spoke calmly to my class, praised them for how quiet they were and then said something I’ve never said before.  I told them that if it were real we would be much more scared and that we might hear scary things from all around but we had to be as silent as we could.  We might want to yell or scream or cry but we couldn’t.  We had to pretend it was a drill and be as quiet as we were now. Then I told them something that I’ve told every class since Sandy Hook, that if it were a real emergency I might not be sitting with them in the dark corner but I would be standing by the door ready to keep them safe no matter what.

What a sad commentary on our society…. This is the lesson I taught to six year old children yesterday at school…

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