Why my rights are more important than your life…

This is what the pro gun argument sounds like to me… A long list of why someone’s right to own a deadly weapon is more important than another’s right to live.  And if I don’t like it I should get my own gun.  Do you realize that once I own a gun the likelihood of me being shot increases by about 4 1/2 times over people who do not own a gun? And the likelihood that I shoot another human being goes from zero to far less than zero.  We are not allowed to study this matter or collect data on it… the NRA have influences that are far reaching.

We are holding on tight to our second amendment rights… but those rights have morphed over the past 40 years.  The constitution is an ever changing document and sometimes the loudest voice with the most financial backing has the ability to call the shots.  No pun intended.

The NRA used to be all about gun safety. But that changed in the seventies when the NRA became all about anti regulation.  For those of you who are  gun advocates, go back and re-read the second amendment.  Unless you are a member of the militia you don’t really have the right to own a gun… it is a matter of punctuation.  Not that I am a punctuation expert… but it does seem to me that most gun owners are not in the state’s militia.

I also wonder if you do own a gun who you need to protect yourself against.  Me?  The Government? Criminals? If you don’t have a gun on your person how will you protect yourself or your family when you are not home.  If you do have your gun with you at all times are you trained to use it in a crisis situation?  And the only reason to openly carry a gun (so that others can see it) is to let the rest of us know that you are carrying… we need to watch ourselves around you… it is a way to intimidate others.

Stop now and re-think how important it is for all of us to have guns. If re-thinking takes your 17 minutes, then one person in the United States is killed by a gun… if it takes you a day, then 87 people are killed…. and if it takes you a year to debate and think, then over 31,500 people are killed and 100,000 people are injured… Time to start thinking and make a change.

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