I just read the most disturbing post from a woman who came to speak at a pro-life ( I call it anti-abortion) event the day of the UCC shooting.  She explains that because of the tragedy we experienced over the loss of life, of family and friends, we understood the tragedy of abortion and its ripple effect on the community as a whole.

Are you kidding me?  Those people we lost had personalities, loves, talents, friends, lovers, husbands, children…  they were wanted and loved, cared for and cherished.  In no way is this the same or even similar to a woman deciding 24 hours or 4 weeks after conceiving, when an embryo is the size of a poppy seed or at 8 weeks when it is the size of a kidney bean that she is not ready or capable of carrying it to term.

For Christians out there who believe that everything has a purpose and that all things happen for a reason – has it ever occurred to you that aborted fetuses were only meant to last that short amount of time in the womb?  Has it ever occurred to you that my body and the body of other women does not belong to you and should not be subjected to your moral judgements or rules.  A fetus at that stage is not viable unless it’s inside a woman’s body.  If the woman is unable to host that fetus because of either physical or mental reasons, so be it.  Does your book not say ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’?  You are more than welcome to bring to fruition any unwanted pregnancy that you have conceived.

I will not tell you that you need to abort any fetus.  That is your choice.  I would like you and the government to stay out of a woman’s womb. Do not use the tragedy of the UCC shooting to further your cause of Christianity and anti-abortion issues.

3 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. I totally understand your rage.
    Roseburg’s loss is every feeling American’s loss.

    This anti abortion group is asking women to raise children, who , for what ever reason, will not be welcomed with open arms, but with resentment and a host of burdens.
    Is that what we want for our newborns? There are already enough kids on the streets whose parents are unable to take care of them or just don’t nurture them, for a variety of reasons. Economical as well as psychological circumstances, may make it just too difficult to be good enough parents.
    I have a solution for these anti abortion advocates. Give all the unwanted children to loving gay and lesbian married couples. Then everyone would be happy..


    1. The idea that someone would compare the loss of those nine people and the pain we felt as a community with abortion is just beyond me… I hope that babies who are unplanned and unwanted would be given up for adoption and would end up in loving families… But many are not…


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