How Many More, America?

Does it even matter how the New Mexico road rage shooter got his gun? Do you really care about that?  How he got it is not going to bring back 4 year old Lilly Garcia, the nine UCC victims, or the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook.  Nothing will. But time after time we are stuck on the question ‘Did he get the gun(s) legally?’

A mother was braiding her daughter’s hair and a gun in the house somehow misfired and killed the girl.  A woman was at the doctors office in the waiting room and went to grab something out of her purse.  Her gun fell out and fired hitting another woman in the hip in an exam room, a six year old finds a loaded gun on top of his refrigerator and accidentally kills his 3 year old brother.  These are only a few of the gun related incidents that happened THIS WEEK!

How can we continue to cry out for our personal freedom?  How can we stay silent as this happens day after day?  How can we care more about owning a weapon as children are dying every day? Do we save more lives by owning guns than are killed by either gun violence or accidental shootings? This issue is not about mental health!

In each of these cases none of these incidents would have happened if there hadn’d been a gun… It is time for politicians to take a stand and start saving lives instead of listening to the gun lobby.  It is time for us to demand that our elected officials do something. Make your voice heard and VOTE!

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