Success in Schools

I am tired.  I have been in the classroom as a teacher since 1989. That is a long time.  Some years I had more than one class.  If you figure that with each year I had a minimum of 20 students that classes over 520 children.  Things do not seem to be getting better.  The media, the politicians, and the public all want to blame teachers… But I am still me and I can’t imagine that after 25 years I am a worse teacher now than when I started.  That just doesn’t make sense.  I am not tired of the classroom, or the children, or teaching…. I am tired of someone else trying to fix what I am doing… what I have spent the last 25 years of  my life crafting… I am tired of writing ways I will improve each year. We call these professional goals. They need to be tied to our children’s achievement and measurable.

But every year, as school begins, I have the same goals  that I devote the entire year to achieving.  I want my students to love school.  I want them to feel part of a family (the Room One family).  I want them to learn to care and show kindness.  I want them to be respectful and responsible.  I want them to learn to work out problems on their own.  And I want them to accept that not everyone is the same and that is o.k.  These goals are more important than academics.  I am not saying that I don’t teach… I do… All day long!   But the driving force is to help create children who connect with others and love school.

When you are six years old it is wonderful to be able to read and do math and I will do all I can to help each child reach their full potential academically… But if we need to spend an afternoon talking about teamwork instead of doing our math lesson, then that is what we will do…

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